Miss Karen's Dance Studio

Studio Rules and Regulations

Here are Miss Karen’s Dance Studio’s Rules and Regulations that MUST apply to everyone:

*Safety first! Anyone who is disrespectful to the teacher or other students will be removed from class.

*Please keep unnecessary talking to a minimum during class.

*ALL cell phones should be turned off in any of the dance studios. Cell phones may be used in the front office area or outside the building.

*Parents are permitted to observe class, but please do not allow younger siblings to run around the lobby and disrupt the dance classes.

*Smoking, food, drinks (other than water), candy, or gum is not permitted in the dance studio areas.

*Keep your belongings in a dance bag with you in the studio and put your name on everything. The studio is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

*PLEASE no street shoes on the studio dance floor! Do not wear dance shoes outside. Change them at the studio. This will keep your shoes clean, in good condition, and protect the dance floor. Zumba clients, please wear street shoes into the facility and change into your workout sneakers before class.