Miss Karen's Dance Studio

Mission Statement

Miss Karen’s Dance Studio’s goal is to provide professional dance instruction while also providing a safe and comfortable learning environment for ALL of our children. I found this, written by Rhee Gold, and thought it fit perfectly as why I chose to open my dance studio… for me, it’s all about the children.

“If we market our schools by letting the world know that we win more awards than anyone else; will all the parents who register their children expect that they will have award winning children? If they do, and we can’t pull it off, will they leave?
What we should be selling is how much joy dance can bring to a child. It helps to influence good character; the understanding of commitment, dedication and the results of hard work. It is fun, improves confidence, and is physical activity that will encourage a healthy mind, body, and soul.” Rhee Gold

We all have to work together. All parents, peers, staff members, and dancers are asked to respect eachother, and display the values of integrity, character, leadership, responsibility, and professionalism at all times.